Building a Spring Boot Kotlin Reactive API w/ Kofu

That's a lot of buzz words!

See my previous post about why I chose Kotlin for this project.

I'm building a just-for-fun project to learn how to build the state-of-the-art Spring Boot PWA.

Yes, they aren't really related, but if you have experience with Spring Boot, this is a logical progression. I'll be building the front-end using Sapper (w/ Svelte) in a later post.

Getting Started w/ Kofu

What's Kofu, you ask?

No, it isn't the city in Japan. It is the Kotlin flavor of an experimental Spring Boot configuration project by the folks at Pivotal.

Head over to the Github repo and clone it.

Copy over kofu-reactive-validation from the samples folder in the repo; we're going to use that as a starter.

I'm using IntelliJ IDEA to author this - my IDE of choice for the last 5+ years.

As of the time of writing, some updates are required to make the project current.

  1. Update the to point to
  2. Change the Spring Boot Gradle plugin version to 2.3.0.RELEASE

Execute ./gradlew bootRun from the terminal (or run the task from IntelliJ) and you'll get a running API. Demonstrated here in Insomnia:

That's where we'll start.

Next we'll deploy it to AWS Fargate.

Thanks for reading!

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