Once Upon A Time...

Kotlin land

Today I'm starting a journey.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving my house - not until the governor says it is safe to do so anyway!

I'm venturing into the land of Kotlin.

Have you heard of it? It is a JVM language developed by JetBrains and later adopted by Google for Android development.

Why another JVM language, you ask?

Why not?

Seriously though, that is a bit like asking why we should continue to develop new technology. Everything is perfect!

Everything is not perfect. When was the last time you had to track down a NullPointerException? Probably not long.

We can rebuild him

We can make Java better, we have the technology.

That's basically what Kotlin is: after 25 years of experience with Java, we know how to improve on the language and we can do it.

There are 3 major reasons to try Kotlin.

• Less boilerplate

It is much more concise and the syntax makes intuitive sense. Many aspects are borrowed from other languages that have made strides.

• Safer

Null is not allowed by default. You can still create null references, but you must explicitly change your syntax to do so. Bye-bye NPE.

• Interoperable

You can write Java alongside it. You can turn it into Javascript. Honestly, it is pretty crazy what you can do with Kotlin.

Fork in trail

Now what?

This is an exercise in understanding new technologies. I'll document what I create and how.

Time to ship!

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