Welcome to Your Spring Boot!

I'm Jeffrey Fate. My goal is use my superpowers to help others with their Spring Boot learning and problems. I know first hand that learning something can prove very difficult with no one available to help you along the way.

This is Your Spring Boot because you don't give a crap what my Spring Boot experience and knowledge is, you only care about quickly solving the problem you have or learning the next thing you need.

At any and all times, feedback you have and what you need takes my top priority. Leafing through ten Stack Overflow questions and answers is not the experience you envisioned when you got into this business. FLOW is what you want. Whatever I can do to help achieve that for my fellow Booters (ouch, nickname fail) is what I want to accomplish.

Why listen to this guy?

Why the hell should you listen to me?

1. I'm well experienced in the industry

From Microsoft to Nike and many in between, I've seen A LOT in the software industry. Starting in Quality Assurance (QA) can teach you a lot about the development process without knowing any of it. I was also lucky enough to be an Android developer for a short time. This all led up to a life in web apps and a living in Spring Framework and most recently Spring Boot.

This is most definitely not how you got where you are. What's your story? How can I help with the next chapter in it? What's blocking your progress?

2. I know finding solutions is hard

Your journey in finding a solution to your blocker might look something like this:

  • Read the Java doc
  • Try a different API
  • Read more Java doc
  • Realize that's not what you want to do
  • "Does something exist which does what I want to do?"
  • Quick Googling
  • Five SO questions later
  • Write a workaround move on with your life

3. My #1 goal here is to get you unblocked

Anything you find here should help resolve blockers you have to get your job done. If I'm not achieving that, hit me upside the head and let me know.

My goal is NOT to sell you a course that preaches how it is, looking down from an ivory tower, which contains a bunch of useful information, but doesn't solve a problem.

As a software developer, you love to learn, but mostly you're just looking to fix the problem of the minute and move on. That's what I aim to provide.

Behind the scenes

I'm just one person, also working a full-time development job. Don't expect miracles. Do expect my full effort in helping you defeat the dragons that lurk within the Spring Framework, specifically Spring Boot and the related technologies you use to run our production software.

I might be many months ahead of where you are, or just hours, but either way I want to provide you value when you consume anything on this site. Help me to do this by providing feedback. Without your input, I can't know I'm being stupid...as quickly.

Let's get started

Give me a high five and let's get started!

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